Thursday, April 14, 2011


I always knew some great significant event would take place in my lifetime. Some greater purpose was meant for me -- a purpose greater than that of any singular person on the entire earth. But I never would have guessed it was this. This twisted fate -- this, destiny was not what I expected. But yet, I welcomed it. Every moment of each day love was fleeting me -- love for my family, my friends, my wife... my life. And here I stand, looking up into the heavens on this light-absent night and I beg for it. No. I prepare for it. This is what was planned for me the moment I exited that woman's life-bearing womb. I stretch my arms wide and breathe in the air of sorrow and hatred -- the power to hurt, the power to destroy. On this night of which I dreamed would be my ascencion into heaven as one of God's angels, I open my eyes and see red. I am not his angel. I am his enemy - his tormented son and forgotten child.


Never have I experienced this feeling. There she is. She glides through the tall grass like a gazelle. The wind blows past her as if the gentleness of her skin soothes the very air itself. She smiles. Oh how beautiful her smile. Perfect white teeth that are straight as can be. Her skin is of a light brown shade that only princesses and goddesses of legend possess. And her hair... black and sheik as night. That look in her eyes. I can tell she wants me just as badly as I want her. I have to have her. She runs in a teasing manner and I chase with such desire and longing. Oh how I love the chase. 'Stop running' I say to her. But she smiles and continues on. I grow tired and she comes to a stop. 'I've missed you.' Her voice pierces my heart like a frozen dagger. 'And I've missed you. God how I've missed you.' Here she comes. She leans in toward me and I slowly and naturally let my eyelids close themselves. The moment right before the kiss is one frozen in time. Its a second that lasts a millenia in its own time and place. Its a moment filled with sparks of electricity and a rush of pleasure from the follicles in my hair to the heels and toes of my feet. Everything comes to a complete halt.
And then... an explosion! The kiss that makes everything else in the world disappear. Every moment our lips touch is a taste of heaven, for only angels must be able to experience this. It seems like this moment will never end. The world has finally given back. Im alone with the woman I love - now, and 'til the end of time.
And suddenly, something does not feel right. I begin to grow cold. I quiver and then I focus on her eyes. She can do nothing more than stare. 'Im sorry baby...' I can't feel my legs. I can't speak. All I could do is think. 'No. Please. Don't.' Her eyes turn completely black and she is ripped away from me. I scream but no sound emits from my mouth. The tears streaming down my eyes freeze and my eyes are iced shut. I can hear her. Her cries slowly fading into the cold dark emptiness and I am left all alone. I cannot think anymore.

I open my eyes and look around me. Its a familiar place. Yes. This is my room. This is my home. I am awake now. I turn to my bedside desk and rest my eyes upon the framed photo beside me. I stare into her eyes. Those beautiful big brown eyes. Im filled with both anger and sadness. I've missed her. God, how I've missed her.

For My Own Good Pt. 1

"Too intelligent for your own good." That was the first and last piece of advice I ever listened to. Mr. Sage was right. What good is it now though, at this very moment? Sure, I'm taking that advice now, but I should have listened back then when he actually told me. Now i'm stuck here in this... this room and I am being questioned by these men. I should have kept my mouth shut. I can't see their faces and their voices are so monotone that it tortures my nerves and tests my patience.
"Where did you get this information? We won't ask you again!" Their faces are still blurry -- probably because of the chemicals they injected into my veins -- the truth serum. To their astonishment, it isn't working on me at all. Matter of fact, nothing really works on me. I hate chemicals, and I hate medicine. Funny thing is I don't need medicine. Whenever I get sick, it only lasts less than an hour and the virus disintegrates. Doctors can't explain it. Best they came up with was that I have superpowered white blood cells. Superpowers. Hah. Everyone knows there is no such thing. If I do have a "power", than it would definitely be my intelligence. I'll admit it. Now when you talk about weaknesses, everyone knows mine. I'm lazy and I use my intelligence for one thing -- nothing.
"Fine. Fine. I'll tell you." They all stood up and gathered around me. "I assumed." One of the men grabbed me by the collar and punched me in the face. "I'm not kidding!" It was hard to tell them the truth and get punched for it anyway so I decided that I had to lie. But what I had in mind would get me into even deeper trouble. It was my last resort. The suited man pulled out a gun and shot me in the shoulder. The pain was almost too much to handle. I cried and screamed for what seemed like ten minutes. He put the gun in my mouth and said something.
"As you can tell, we aren't joking. Where did you acquire this information?! What else do you know?" He cocked his gun and I knew that I was about to get my face blown off. This was it. My last resort was now my only one. Of course, I can always choose death. Yeah right!
"Okay," I said, with blood spewing out of my right shoulder and my eyes rolling to the back of my head. I was going to lie and make my life so much worse.